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Travel Photography: Pristine Beaches of Naxos, Greece

So, yeah.. Naxos… hands down the prettiest beaches we experienced in Greece. So happy I researched so many islands and created our itinerary that included the popular spots like Santorini & Mykonos, but also took little detours for Milos & Naxos. With our six-hour ferry ride from Milos, we had a mere 24 hours to experience Naxos, which is by no way fair to this gorgeous, unique and island full of life! This island has so much to experience that we didn’t even get to touch. There are more than 30 beaches, but it also has one of the largest “downtowns” of the the Greek Island capitals, and there are a variety of Greek ruins to tour and experience. We came for the beaches, so we hit up three beaches in our 24 hours. Like in Santorini, we rented an ATV to have the freedom to beach hop. Upon arrival, we booked an amazing hotel just steps away from the beach and loaded up the ATV with our beach gear and took off through the bustling town and off through the rocky terrain and farmland of Naxos. Our first beach was Plaka beach. (Be warned, it is sometimes a nudist beach, typically made up of tourists… but it’s something to note). To catch the sunset, we drove back to the main town of Chora (or Naxos Town) to see the hillside with Apollos Gate and to have a sunset drink overlooking the bay. In the morning we enjoyed breakfast on Saint George’s Beach and then went to one of the best beaches in the Aegean… or maybe the world: Agios Prokopios. I think Chandra and I just stood staring at the crystal clear waters with our jaws dropped for about 15 minutes before we chose were to lay out for the day. We spent as many hours as we could walking the beach, swimming and dining atop the nearby cliffs that overlook the Agios Prokopios beachfront. Sadly, we had to say adieu to Naxos and hello to Mykonos! We took a short 45 minute ferry to Mykonos that afternoon.

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