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Thirst Relief International World Water Crisis — Non-Profit Personal Work

One of my main goals in traveling to Uganda for Thirst Relief International was to document the World Water Crisis and to give an honest and fair representation of the water crisis in Uganda. Like so many around the world, the people fetch water wherever they can find it. If they are lucky enough to have a borehole pump, then that’s typically their first choice since it’s a more protected water source. But many times, the borehole pumps are very far away and many are broken (I saw over 30 broken pumps), so people typically get water from the sources closest to them because they’re already traveling several kilometers to any source. These are some images from the many different places and types of sources people go to in order to fetch water. I spent several weeks going to water sources morning and night to document as many water sources as I could. Many times, these unprotected sources become contaminated and the people get waterborne diseases like typhoid or they get diarrhea or fever. These sicknesses can cause death, long-term illness and they miss work, can’t take car of their families and many times they don’t have the money to visit a doctor.

You can make a difference in people’s lives around the world by becoming a monthly donor to Thirst Relief. Just $10 a month makes a huge impact in building filters so they can purify whatever water they have nearby. Thirst Relief also repairs boreholes, builds rain water harvest tanks and teaches WASH programs to help educate people on clean water safety. I hope these photos help you understand the problems so many face around the world to get water. The shame is that even after they get it, many times it isn’t even clean water. So consider taking action and helping someone through your financial support.

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