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Thirst Relief
World Water Day

pintopinterestThis year is a rebuilding year for me in many ways. One of the things I’ve been examining is my business and I’ve been praying about different directions to go, how I want to run my business, etc. In that line of thought, I’ve been praying about what ministries or non-profits God would direct me to give to with some of my profits with my business. I want to run and operate a business that gives back. God has given me so much and I don’t want to hoard my money or waste it on selfish nonsense (as best as I can). And honestly it’s very overwhelming to look at so many worthy and wonderful charities and non-profits and decide where to give. This is where I wish money was an endless supply – haha. But I also know that I’m just one person and that while I can’t solve or fix every world problem, I can do something instead of nothing.

So in the past couple of months, I believe God has led me to Thirst Relief International. There are many wonderful people working to do what they can to provide people in different parts of the world with clean water and this is one of those great organizations. I’ve heard about Thirst Relief for a few years through the photography circles and this year I attended the Thirst Relief Benefit Shoot while at WPPI in Las Vegas. It was great to meet some of the people working for this organization and to hear their heart and passion to do what they can to solve this worldwide problem. Ever since returning from Vegas this organization has been on my mind and in my prayers. And I’ve just been thinking about all of the things clean water does for people: prevents disease, gives life, makes them healthy, gives them time to take care of other tasks (I mean can you imagine having to spend hours of your day going to get water just so you could live? I’m pretty sure I waste a lot of time in my shower and I don’t always finish the glasses of water I pour), and societies throughout time have been built around clean water supplies. So giving to an organization like Thirst Relief does so much for a community. And so at this time, I believe God has led me to give towards the goals of this organization. I’ll be looking to find other ways to raise money for Thirst Relief through my photography skills and business.

So to kick off this part of my business giving: I’m offering a 22% off print sale for all active online galleries at smugmug & shootproof with the code “WWD” this Saturday, March 22, 2014 – World Water Day! All profits from the print sale this Saturday will be donated to Thirst Relief. I have great faith in you clients! So share the word with your family and guests at your wedding and let’s try to do what we can to give to help people around the world have fresh, clean water that gives life, prevents disease & builds community.

I also posted some galleries with some of my travel images – so even if you’re not one of my wedding or portrait clients, you can purchase a travel print and all of the profits from this Saturday will be donated to Thirst Relief.

If this is something you want to partner with, then please, partner with Thirst Relief to give $10 a month or make a one time donation. Every dollar helps!

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