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Kara + Brett: Engagement Portraits in Lakeside Park {Dallas Wedding Photographer}

pintopinterestMeet Kara and Brett. They’re getting married in August and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding ever since my e-mails with Kara. She shared their romantic and fabulous love story about how they met her senior year of high school on a mission trip to Alabama to do home repairs. They kept in touch throughout college: her at Baylor, him at Mercer University. After college they decided to live together in the same town since they had been dating long distance their entire relationship. Their love was genuine and soon after Brett proposed to Kara at the same home site where they first met back in high school. That’s the super-abridged story, but a great one nonetheless. I hope you enjoy their engagement portraits photographed at Lakeside Park in Highland Park.:)pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestVIEW MY PORTFOLIO |  BUY PRINTS |  LIKE “ALLISON DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY” ON FACEBOOK

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  • Kara Fonville

    Allison, they are beautiful! You are so talented! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Leighton

    Hey let me borrow them boots… and that hotty in the yellow dress… oh and the photographer for a few hours… holla!

  • Brett Richstone

    Allison, you are a lot of fun to work with! I was very impressed by how prepared you were when taking our pictures and how comfortable you made my fiancee and I feel. Thank you for making us look so good!

  • Carita

    These pictures are amazing!!

  • Amanda Paret

    Stunning! I am very impressed. Love love love the yellow, too!

  • Leslee

    These turned out amazing!! Brett and Kara, ya’ll both look wonderful. Love the vibrant color too.

  • Kirk Roller

    Great pictures, it captures the joy you are both feeling. I love them,

  • Heather Geer

    Wow! These photos are amazing! Such natural chemistry and what a BEAUTIFUL couple :) So wonderful.

  • Ruth Heggen

    These are beautiful. I can’t decide if I like the ones with the sunlight streaming onto them or the black and white ones better!!

  • Beth

    Amazing!!!!! Love how these pictures capture how much you guys love each other! Can’t wait for wedding day!! :) love you both!

  • Anne Roller

    Kara & Brett… I love you so!! These pictures capture your love, your happiness & your joy!!! Love them & you!!

  • Amy Abel-Kiker

    These are so great. Congrats and Blessings to you both!

  • Jill Richstone

    These photos are amazing! Brett and Kara, you both look stunning!

  • Vickie Fonville

    The photos are beautiful. The photography did a wonderful job of catching the love you have for each other in print.

  • Beautiful pictures! I love seeing friends so in love!! Can’t wait until the wedding!!!

  • Bryan

    Awesome photos!

  • Peggy Kellough

    I work with Bryan, Kara’s brother, and he is so proud of his sister and excited about her wedding. These are beautiful pictures….the photographer must have had as much fun doing them as this sweet couple seemed to enjoy having them done. Best wishes for a very happy future.

  • Heather Geer

    Wow these pics are amazing! Such natural chemistry and such a BEAUTIFUL couple. :) Wonderful!

  • Sherry Smith

    I very much enjoyed looking at those amazing photos. Great job!Also enjoyed ready that short “they met story”. Can’t wait for the big day.

  • Kathy Fonville

    Allison is amazing. I love these. You both look so cute and in love! Allison truly captured the moment.

  • Barbara

    All the pictures were very beautiful because they have beautiful people in them!

  • Jerry

    Great Pictures!

  • Leslie Leaman

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

  • Courtney Peacock

    WOW – these are amazing! Can’t wait until August 😉

  • Doug

    Awesome photos! They’re great! LOVE the black and white.

  • Carolyn Porterfield

    Love the pictures. They are fun, joyful and show the love you have for one another. Your photographer did a great job.

  • Marsha Richstone

    What beautiful pictures – they captured two beautiful young people in love.

  • Mairee Elliott

    Ok, you already know how beautiful you both are and now we have your love captured too! 😀 So precious to see you two together! I especially LOVE the yellow dress Kara!

  • Robert Richstone

    I’m inspired by your pictures. Truly remarkable.

  • Gregg Richstone

    Looks great guys! Love you both!

  • Robert Richstone

    Brett, you look like a freakin weirdo in all your Texas poses. Kara, you look great! Can’t wait to see y’all soon!

  • Karen Scoggins

    The pictures are beautiful. We are so excited for both of you.

  • Wayne

    Loved the pix. Nice in color and black and white.

  • Dr. Melvin McPhail

    Awesome photos. Ain’t love grand?! congratulations!

  • Cayla

    These pictures are gorgeous!! Love them all, it’s so hard to pick a favorite!!

  • laura McGee

    I love the pictures. Not only was your love captured but God’s creation was as well. It is just foreshadowing for how your marriage should be, He should be all around ya’ll.

  • Paula

    Beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside. Lovely photos. I know you are bothe excited, congratulations.

  • Lauren Decker

    These pictures are amazing! They capture both of your personalities beautifully!

  • Chad Decker

    These are really cool photos. The lighting is really great.

  • Amy Van Valkenburg

    Oh my goodness! Its obvious yall are deeply in love! Allison is very talented- what beautiful shots!

  • Terri Brown

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple- inside and out. I particularly like the ones with the sunlight coming through the trees~

  • Kristin L

    What amazing pictures! Such a beautiful couple and beautiful photography! Love!!!

  • Nick Likos

    I really like the close-up one where you’re smiling at him!!

  • Susan

    They’re beautiful honey.

  • Erin

    Kara these are great! I love them and can’t wait for the big day!!

  • Allan Marshall

    Great Scott! They’re great!

  • Ben Collins

    Great pictures Kara. Hope you are doing well.

  • Alex

    The lighting is awesome! I’m so happy for you guys. Blessings to the two of you.

  • Matt Heckroth

    Hey bro. Looks like you got yourselves a good photographer cause I know you don’t look that good in real life.

  • Jason Dhabliwala

    Can’t wait to see you at the wedding…still making my plans to come.

  • Jesse Revis

    I like the pictures. I’m commenting because you told me to.

  • Andrew

    Great pictures you two! I told you it was going to go fast once you got to 100 days. The big day is almost here.

  • Clark

    Kara, these pictures are great! Looking forward to seeing you (and Brett, too) at the wedding!

  • Stacey

    What beautiful pictures

  • Ashlee

    I love the pictures Kara.

  • Kris

    Great pix Kara.

  • Lesley

    I hope the wedding is as beautiful as your engagment pictures. Best of luck.

  • Sara

    Your pictures are beautiful. I hope the wedding is wonderful.

  • Carol Paret

    Such fabulous pictures! Can hardly wait until the wedding!!!

  • brittany Hutson

    these are amazing photos!!!!! congrats

  • Chelsea

    These are so great!

  • Lesley

    Beautiful pictures Kara.

  • Jacob

    Looks great guys! Wish you the best!

  • Brianna

    Kara, you look stunning in ever picture! Can not wait to see your bridals! Best wishes sweet girl!

  • David

    These photos are fantastic! You two look very happy.

  • Dennis

    Congratulations! Such perfect settings to capture these great moments. The happiness shines through!

  • Sonya

    Congrats to the lovely couple. Your brother is so happy and excited for you.

  • […] Kara and Brett were a married in yesterday at Lakeside Baptist Church in Dallas. We photographed her bridal portraits on the beautiful SMU campus. Kara is a beautiful woman and now a beautiful wife! SMU has so many beautiful locations for bridal portraits including the area around Perkins Chapel. I hope you enjoy her Dallas bridal portraits. VIEW MY PORTFOLIO |  BUY PRINTS |  LIKE “ALLISON DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY” ON FACEBOOK Posted in Bridal Portraits […]

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