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Jennifer + John: Engagement Portraits in a Wild Flower Field in Richardson, Texas

undefinedpintopinterestMeet Jennifer & John. They’re getting married in June and it was so wonderful to photograph their engagement session in the beautiful may wildflowers in Richardson and in Addison Circle where they spent so many date nights. I love photographing people in love and it’s so easy so see the love and affection these two have for each other. They met at Prestonwood Baptist Church and they’re getting married in Longview, Texas. I hope you enjoy their engagement portrait session.:)undefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterestundefinedpintopinterest

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  • Jennifer

    I LOVE our photos, Allison!! You made photographing us fun, easy & comfortable. Thanks :)

  • Brandon

    This is the cutest couple EVER!

  • Stacy

    Amazing pics! Beautiful! :)

  • Erin

    Love it!

  • Meggie

    My goodness these are beautiful!! Wonderful photography and gorgeous wildflowers are a good mix. :)

  • nikki

    These photos are beautiful and really capture how adorable you are as a couple. Congrats to you!

  • Sara Bell

    Your happiness and love bloom as bright as the flowers. You captured it, Allison.

  • Beautiful photos!

    REally shows their love!

  • sandra

    You know there are snakes in those wildflowers, right?

    You guys make a good looking couple and the photos are AMAZING!

  • Marcella Houston

    These pics are beautiful! What a handsome coupel you two make!

  • cathy

    My favorie is the 7th one. It is a great close up but you can still see the background of the beautiful wildflowers. I love black and white photos but that dosen’t really work in a field of wildflowers.

  • Kei Nakakoji

    Jenn!! These photos are great and you are glowing!! I’m so happy for the both of you! Sending warm wishes during this exciting time!

  • These look great! Congrats again Jennifer and John!!

  • Heather

    I love the pictures!! You look beautiful and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

  • Sally Brock

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! They are all wonderful! :)

  • Leslie Hamilton

    I love the pictures of John and Jennifer. They are such a beautiful couple!

  • Kristin

    I love the ones in the wildflowers!

  • Kathy De La Torre

    Great photos of the loving couple!

  • Jana Lewis

    Congratulations John and Jennifer! These look wonderful and I love the wildflower theme!

  • Sara Wynn

    BEAUTIFUL… So happy for you both!

  • Trish Fry

    Great pictures!! You look so happy and in love. Wishing you the best during this exciting time in your life!

  • Trisha Medina

    Those are beautiful pictures! Congratulations Jennifer and John!

  • What great engagement pictures of Jennifer and John. I especially like the 7th and 18th pictures. They are my favorites. Great job capturing the love Jennifer and John share.

  • Marci Monro

    I have SO many favorites! Allison you totally captured a story! I am a Wedding Coordinator at Scofield Church, I would love to display your talent in my office.

  • Amy Dunsworth

    What gorgeous pictures! I love the wildflowers!

  • Erin

    Amazing pics!!! Memories of a lifetime!

  • Lauren Petersilia

    The pictures are beautiful! I love the wild flower fields! Wishing you both happiness during this exciting time in your lives!

  • Pam

    These pictures are amazing! Coming from a long line of photographers in my family, that is high praise. Of course having such a great subject only helps.

  • kathy weatherford

    These photos are beautiful. I love all the emotions caught on camera. Great settings too! How fun to share. Congratulations Jennifer and John!

  • Jeanine Brown

    These are the most beautiful pictures of this great couple that I have ever seen. So colorful and romantic. Wonderful job of photography and they deserve the very best.

  • Marium

    Congrats!! Ya’ll look stunning!

  • Patsy Palos

    I just love these pictues, they look so in love and happy, I wish them the best and I’m from West TX, bluebonnet are great to take pictues , May God bless these young people, and keep their love going strong. Is so good to see their love, it gave me hope, boy, I want to be happy like that, Jennifer you go girl, you got yourself a nice big guy, you know if you fall , he can definety catch you. Love ya Patsy. Palos at JHE.

  • Marybeth Hall

    The photos are absolutely stunning! Your love for each other shines through even among the wildflowers. Wishing you a lifetime of beauty and love. Congratulations Jennifer and John

  • Sondra Brown

    What great pictures! Beautiful! And fun in the flowers but I love the night picture!

  • Rhonda Westbrook

    I love the pictures! The couple looks so natural, so beautiful, and the scenery surrounding each picture is great!


  • Catherine McCrea

    How fun to be in love!!! Great pictures!!!

  • Casey

    Awesome pix!!! You guys look adorable! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Kimberly Sims

    I LOVE all these photos! You two looked like you had a wonderful time taking them and you both picked such beautiful places to be photographed at! I absolutely love the close up picture as both of your eyes are shining brightly! What a wonderful photographer you have! I can’t wait to see the bridal portraits and all the wedding pictures (especially the ones with the handsome ring bearers!).

  • Nancy Weisell

    Hmmm. . . there’s a lot of smooching going on! Love it!!

  • Amy Andrews

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love the black and white.

  • Christi

    WOW!! You look amazing and soooooo happy! I cant decide which one I like the best! I cant wait to see you in a few weeks!

  • Connie Brown

    My favorite are #8, #9, #12, #13. I feel these stood out to me because of their compostion and #13 because it is different. The photographer is great!

  • Amy

    All of the photos are amazing!!!Jennifer and John look so in LOVE!!

  • Karen Menke

    I can’t believe how great all the photos are. Holw do you decide which ones to take – or do you just take them all! What a happy couple! Thanks for sharing this special time with me.

  • monika

    I feel like i just watched a texan hallmark commercial. You can just feel the love 😉 seriously, the pictures look fantastic. You guys look truly happy. congrats.

  • Jason Mellard

    What a great couple – love the photos.

  • Joey

    Awesome pics!! Love them, especially the black and white ones.

  • Jordan Bonicelli

    Those are two beautiful Texans! Jennifer & the photographer really worked wonders for Cowboy.

  • Jennifer Bonicelli

    Great pictures! You both look amazing! We are excited for this weekend!!

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