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Maggie + Jon: Engagement Portraits at White Rock Lake & in Downtown Dallas

pintopinterestMeet Maggie & Jon. They’re getting married in May at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. We had an amazing time during their engagement session. They are so in love and they were just beautiful and natural in front of the camera. We photographed their engagement session in Downtown Dallas in the Arts District and at White Rock Lake near the Filter Building. I wanted to start with their portraits at White Rock Lake because the light was so soft and lovely! I can’t wait to see what you think of their romantic and fun engagement portraits. pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterest

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  • Frances

    What a cute couple! And beautiful photos! Love how blue the sky is!

  • Lori

    Beautiful subjects and beautiful photographs!

  • Simply Stunning Photos!

  • Dena

    You guys look fantastic!

  • Masha

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple :). Very-very pretty

  • Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful! May they always be this in love!

  • Kevin

    They turned out really good!

  • kelly anderson

    great pics guys…

  • April

    These are beautiful!!! I love them!

  • Chakameh Ganji

    Pictures look great and natural! You guys look soooo cute together :)
    Congratulations again!

  • Whitney M

    These pictures are gorgeous! What a great couple. Maggie is going to be a stunning bride!!

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous photos!!!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Awesome pictures. Maggie your gorgeous. What a beautiful couple. Many blessing on your marriage.

  • bonnie

    The engagement photos are wonderful! Can’t wait for the BIG day! Love ya’ll!

  • Jonathan Hadden

    Great job Allison! You made Maggie look gorgeous (as always) and myself look presentable! Thanks again! :)

  • Maggie Derdeyn

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. Allison did a fantastic job with our pictures. We are so blessed. :)

  • Casey

    Beautiful photos! I love the ones on the hill–so cute :)

  • Danielle Strohacker

    The pics are amazing!!! I’m so happy for you guys! :)

  • Colleen hadden

    Gorgeous! The locations are neat as well!

  • Nina

    Beautiful! :-)

  • sheralyn kaprolet

    fantastic pictures! you two are just adorable :)

  • Mary Y

    The pics are awesome…i love the black & white ones…those are my fav :). Congrats again guys!

  • William

    Very nice shots! Not sure if I like the dock or stairs shot better, so I will choose both!

  • Hillary Goll

    Beautiful pictures!

  • margie


  • Kat

    Love them all, Maggie! xoxo

  • Uncle Bill

    Beautiful Pictures Maggie. You and Jon look so happy!
    The photographer did a wonderful job. You will have a difficult time choosing a favorite!

  • Alex

    Allison you did a wonderful job of capturing how in love Maggie and Jon are! Mags you look stunning! Can’t wait for the big day 😀

  • Al Lombardi

    The photos came out wonderful.
    Maggie you look absolutely Beautiful!

  • kirsten

    i love ALL the pictures! can’t wait to see you in May!! xoxo

  • Beverly

    Beautiful pictures!! Maggie looks gorgeous!

  • WOW! Great photographs of you two!

  • WOW!! How beautiful this couple is! We are so happy for you – as you obviously are too!!!

  • Seema

    Love it!!!! You guys look amazing. Congrats!

  • Wow, congratulations to you both. I have to say, I love the last picture the most!!

  • Ashleigh P.

    These are so gorgeous :)

  • Sue Wodrich

    Loved all the pictures. You both look fabulous!

  • Ricky Bobby

    Shake and bake! These pictures are awesome!

  • Diane Schillereff

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

  • Kim Moore

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Great job!

  • Sally

    The pictures are amazing! You look so happy : )

  • Aunt Patricia

    Pictures are great! Looking forward to the wedding.

  • Leslie Jackson

    Lovely pictures of a beautiful couple! Congrats!

  • Allison laufer

    Wow you guys, these pics are AMAZING! You look so great!

  • Emily

    Wow! That is all I have to say! I can’t wait for the big day :)

  • Erin

    These are beautiful!! Oh my goodness. My favorites are the black and white one with Maggie laughing, and the first horizon photo with the kiss and Maggie’s red shoes. Love them all, though, so gorgeous!

  • Betty Anne Catalino


  • Aunt Susie

    These photos are awesome! I can’t decide which ones are the best because they are ALL wonderful. The photographer really captured the magic that you two share… Fabulous!

  • Cassie Lackey

    Beautiful!!!! You worked so hard to be healthy and it shows! My goodness, these are stunning pictures.


  • Hanna Hughes

    AHHHH!!! I LOVEEEEE them! Maggie you look absolutely stunning! These pictures are fabulous!

  • Jill Kenyon

    All the pictures are perfect! Congratulations!

  • Eric Kenyon

    Congratulations guys! I can’t decide which picture is the best–they are all great!

  • Elise Kaprolet

    These are the best pictures I’ve seen in my whole 3 weeks of life!

  • Martha

    The photos are fantastic. I loved them all.
    Maggie you look gorgeous!

  • Judy La Farnara

    Very nice pictures! Almost didn’t recognize you Jonathan – all grown up with your very beautiful bride to be! Best wishes for your Big Day!

  • grandpa and Grandma

    Maggie you look beautiful! from Grandpa and Grandma

  • eric and kirsten

    beautiful maggie!

  • Grandma Murray

    Maggie You look so happy and beautiful!

  • patrick derdeyn

    comment +1

  • les

    Simply Beuuuutiful

  • Alex

    Maggie, these pictures are amazing! I’m so happy for you!!

  • Molly

    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Don Fraser

    Wonderful pictures! I like the family shot with the dog.

  • Andrea Fraser

    Beautiful picture! These are my favorites: #2, #3, #4, #10, #16, #20, #21, #26, #27, #29 #33, #36

    Looking forward to the wedding.


  • Caitlin

    Love the picture with Whitley!

  • Chris

    The pictures look great. Y’all look so happy.

  • Matthew lombardi

    Great photos Maggie! You look beautiful as usual!

  • Jill

    Wonderful engagement pictures guys. I am so excited for you both! :)

  • Adam

    So beautiful!

  • Karen Beauchemin

    What beautiful pictures.. The pictures speak for themselves of
    how happy they are and I am thrilled for them.
    Loved the picture with Whitley.

  • Gail Ward

    You two look so happy! Great photos!Congratulations! I can’t wait to see all of you.

  • Francesca

    You guys look great together! Can’t wait to see you in May :)

  • Jan Laufer

    Really cute pics! You guys look very happy. Congrats!

  • Jessie Dearien

    Wow! Beautiful! I am stunned….great job on the pictures and great job on being a hot couple!

    Love you both!

  • These are awesome! What lenses are you using for these photos? The bokeh and colors are awesome

  • Henry

    Great pictures!!!

  • Shelita Freeman

    The pictures show how much Jon and Maggie are in love. These were fantastic pictures. I loved them ALL, unable to really choose a favorite picture. Can’t wait for May, to see big day. Congratulations again, Jon and Maggie.

  • Lillian Hebert

    Those pictures are beautiful,
    The scenery makes it look as though I am there.

  • Dad

    Great pictures!

  • Brindley

    I especially like the one with Whitley~ Ruff looking dog…. )

  • Ginger


  • Bill & Betty Spivey

    JBoy and Maggie are so photogenic Great pics See you around the campus We love you both in Conyers

  • […] Maggie & Jon were married Saturday at the Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine, Texas. We also choose to photograph her bridal portrait session on the property of Delaney Vineyards. I love the rich and vibrant colors of the vineyard and Maggie’s lace wedding dress is so beautiful and unique. I hope you enjoy viewing her bridal portraits. I look forward to sharing their wedding photographs with you soon.  […]

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