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Kali & Kyle: Engagement Portraits at the Shops at Legacy & The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

pintopinterestMeet Kali & Kyle! They met in college at Texas Tech and it was just a natural connection. I loved watching Kali & Kyle interact during their engagement session because they are just so sweet to each other. Kyle proposed to Kali at the Shops at Legacy in Plano, so that was the first place we started for their engagement portraits. We finished their session at the lovely Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

I also had the joy of having Daniel and his wife Johanna of Lynn Films come along to film a promo video for my wedding photography business and Kali & Kyle are the sweet couple who will be featured on the video. If you’re looking for a true documentary videographer for your wedding, then Lynn Films would be a perfect fit for you. I’ll be sure to post it once it’s finished.

I hope you enjoy their engagement portraits—I know that I feel in love with so many of them, so it’s a little bit longer than some other posts.:)


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  • Kali Josey

    I love every single one!!! How am I ever going to choose which ones to get printed?!!
    Love Love Love!!

  • Becky Tull

    There are so many great ones!!! I can’t pick my favorite!!!! Y’all make a beautiful couple and are naturals in front of the camera! Amazing photos!!!

  • Amanda Stewart

    Kali, you look absolutely beautiful.. Kyle is a lucky man. These pictures are so amazing of you both. I am very happy for the two of you and I cannot wait for the wedding. :)

  • there all so beautiful Kali, just to many to choose one ,but whatever one you choose will be perfect .xoxo!

  • Sarah Rutledge

    These photos are seriously amazing! Kali, you are so beautiful! Congrats to you & Kyle on the engagment, and good luck trying to pick from all of these amazing photos! :) xo

  • Colt Wickizer

    Absolutely exquisite.

  • Blair Turner

    Kali, you are absolutely stunning. Cannot wait to see you look even more beautiful on your and Kyle’s big day!

  • jacob prest

    these pics are really nice kali. hope to see you in july!

  • Kristen Hodge

    These pics are beautiful!! Y’all look so happy! :)

  • Jenny Borchardt

    Great pictures! I love that y’all did some black and white pics too! Good luck choosing! :)

  • Shawna Josey Coleman

    These photos are simply amazing! Very natural looking and certainly speak to the kind of people Kyle and Kali are! Certainly keepsakes for the many wonderful years ahead! Well done to everyone involved.

  • Priscilla Esquivel

    OMG Kali & Kyle yalls pictures are absolutely fabulous!! I am so happy for you guys and can not wait for the big day :)

  • Brooke Mayfield

    What great engagement pics, and yes I went through all 470 of them! Yall are such a beautiful couple! Can’t wait for your wedding! Allison Davis did an AMAZING job!

  • Jared Wilson

    Great pics! Can’t wait to come back from deployment and go to the wedding!

  • Chandra

    Kali I love your pictures. Your photographer did a wonderful job. I have sooo many favorites. You and Kyle look so cute and so happy.

  • Brooke Mayfield

    Amazing pics, yall are such a beautiful couple! Allison Davis did an amazing job with these shots! Can’t wait for the wedding and to walk you down the aisle! uhhh… I mean watch you walk down the aisle. 😉

  • Garrett Josey


  • Heidi Josey

    I feel like I’m looking at magazine pictures. Beautiful! You two should be models, your both so photogenic! You are lucky to have found such a talented photographer. Congrats again.

  • Amy Carter

    These are GORGEOUS- all of them! Good luck choosing! :)

  • Felicia KIindervater

    Kali and Kyle, these are beautiful pictures. What a wonderful photographer you have. I would never be able to pick just one.
    All the best to a wonderful future.

  • Bryce Mayfield


  • what beautiful photographs! you guys look very happy! allison did an excellent job.

  • A picture says a thousand words! What else can I say. You Guys nailed it… Hands down.

  • Amber Higgins

    Beautiful Pictures!!! You two are such models!! Love them ALL!!

  • Melissa Tunnell

    Y’all are adorable! The photos are amazing!

  • Randyl Mauldin

    Ugh if I didn’t know the two of you personally… These pictures would really make me feel bad about my life. Haha thankfully I know that you guys are as wonderful and silly in real life as you are in these fantastic pictures! Can’t wait to stand up there next to you and finish out our college party careers at the reception! 😉 love you!

  • Keke Clattenburg

    Beautiful pictures, very talented photographer.I like the icecream truck and feild shots,very natural.Lots of love, Aunt Keke and Uncle Ward.

  • Alana Behie Gammon

    You guys are so sweet. The pictures are beautiful. You both are very photogenic. I love them all, the kiss in front of the icecream bus is fun.

  • These pictures are amazing! Kali, congratulations again! You have a great selection of wonderful images to hang in your upcoming new home!

  • Sara Jane Carter

    Kali and Kyle, These pictures are awesome. So creative! Enjoyed looking at them.

  • Sally Lapin

    My little girl is all grown up. Lovely pictures that bring a tear to my eye. Hugs and kisses to you both!

  • Carolyn Prest

    Nice Pics!! They’re all wonderful, and you can definitely see how much you two are in love* Can’t wait ’til July!

  • Ann Mayfield

    The pics are gorgeous! Kali, you and Kyle look so natural together. Looking forward to July. PS-Have all of them printed :)

  • Mark E. Gibbs

    Wow! I’ve never seen better pictures!

  • Kayla

    awwww tear*** so amazing!! Y’all look great!! I love you both!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! xoxoxo. Awesome job A.DAVIS!!! :)

  • Zachary Mamot

    These pictures are incredible! I’m extrememly happy for both of you and can’t wait for the big day. Love Love

  • Teresa McAfee

    These pictures are amazing, and you are both adorable! So very happy for you, and looking forward to celebrating your special day with you!

  • Lisa Moore

    How will I ever choose just a few for us? I love them all!!

  • Mallory Jones

    LOVE the pictures, they are amazing! I’m so happy for you guys! Great job, Allison!

  • Morgan Wilson

    I love the pictures! They are all so good and pretty!!

  • Delinda Wilson

    These pics are so great!! You both of course look so happy and in Love!! Awww! I love the ones where your in the pasture with high grass around you! She was very creative with the places the pics were taken! You will have a big album cause I’m sure the Wedding pics will be just as beautiful!! You both are beautiful!

  • Blake Sanders

    kali you make kyle look good! All the pics look great…I’m ready for the big day!

  • Lauren Frampton

    These are all so great! I love the ice cream truck pictures- I’m not sure how you will ever pic form all of these, they’re all so wonderful!

  • Kameron

    Wow the pictures are superb.

  • Montie McAfee

    Great pics! Kyle is a lucky guy!! Congrats to you both!

  • Donna Sue


  • Luke

    Wow! Awesome pics!

  • Ethan Bond

    Kyle, you turned out ok! HA! Congrats guys!

  • Karen

    These are such wonderful pictures!! You have a talented photographer and you are both naturals in front of the camera. You are going to have GORGEOUS babies someday! Congrats again to both of you!

  • andrea behie

    Wow these pictures are beautiful!!! You both look so happy and in love. All the best!!!

  • Brittany Lilley

    Love the pictures! Favorite by far is the ice cream truck one! Adorable!

  • Shirley

    I loved every picture! It will be so hard to choose!

  • collin

    The first ice-cream truck one is my favorite as well. I might have to put that one on my freezer.

  • Tammy Butler

    These were BEAUTIFUL Pics!!!!!!
    Of course the people were are beautiful and that always helps.
    Love Tammy xoxoxoxoox

  • […] Kali & Kyle were married in July at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson followed by a reception at the new modern wedding reception space Event 1013 in downtown Plano. Kali was a stunning and fun bride and her whole bridal party was fabulous and spunky! The Heights has beautiful areas for portraits and it’s one of my favorite churches to photograph weddings. This blog post features the getting ready photos, some wedding details and the bridal party portraits. One of my favorite wedding traditions is exchanging love letters on the wedding day and it was so fun to see Kali & Kyle read their love letters from one another. Love!  VIEW MY PORTFOLIO |  BUY PRINTS |  LIKE “ALLISON DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY” ON FACEBOOK Posted in Wedding […]

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