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I Won: Most Dedicated Dallas Wedding Blog!

Best Dallas Wedding BlogOh wow! So as some of you know, I was nominated for Best Dallas Wedding Blog by Dallas Wedding Planner. It was such an honor to be listed among so many talented Dallas wedding professionals. I was not voted the overall winner; however, I did win “Most Dedicated Wedding Blogger” by Dallas Wedding Planner’s editors. I honestly just laughed a little bit when I saw that I won that category. I guess I do blog a lot.

When I was nominated for my blog I remember going to bed that night thinking,”I am a blogger. I am a 21st century blogger. LOL. Who would have ever thought. I’m such a modern person.” I was a newspaper reporter and now I love that I report the stories of people’s wedding days through photographs.

I so love my blog and I love sharing all of the great moments I get to experience. I love to share a little bit about the amazing couples I get to photograph. I hold it as such an honor to be a wedding photographer and to be able to capture such intimate, live-changing and sweet moments on people’s wedding days. I look forward to blogging all of my weddings. I’m doing really well this year: I blogged 23 of 28 weddings (I still plan on blogging the other 5 weddings I got to do). I have blogged a total of 269 blog posts in the history of this blog and I have received 1,919 comments (I wish it was so many more – so leave some thoughts, comments – it makes me smile).

So all of that to say, thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing another year of Dallas weddings with you all.

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  • I didn’t know you were a reporter… I was, too! Six years in daily political coverage. It’s quite a career change we’ve made, huh? :) Congrats on the blogger award!

  • Danielle Kramer

    Congrats Allison :-)

  • ashley sanderson

    This doesn’t surprise me at all! :) I will look at some photographers websites and they will not have updated in months. I love knowing yours will be updated regularly. I check it every day :) Congrats!

  • Allison, you deserve this! You’re a rock star blogger, and I love coming to check out your fantastic work, keep it up, and hope to see you again real soon at brunch! :)

  • I agree that you totally deserve this award! I’m always amazed at your consistency. Well done!

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