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Best Buys of 2010 For My Photography Business

Since it’s the end of the year I’ve been reviewing a lot of different business items and I wanted to share some of the best purchases I’ve made for my photography business this year. Many of these items have helped me speed up my workflow or helped me feel better! I hope you enjoy these suggestions.:)pintopinterestDelkin Image Router
I had heard about this amazing mythical thing that downloaded 4 cards at a time but I didn’t know that actually existed until I went to the Gray Photography Workshop in Nashville. Zach & Jody were sharing some of the items they used in their workflow and they showed us the Belkin Image Router. I went home with my shopping list and this was on the top of that list. The amazing tool allows you to download your cards in bulk and this has saved me hours of my life and I’ve only had it since October. I love it! You can link 2 of them side-by-side to download 8 cards at once if you want to get crazy.

pintopinterestShould pad for my Shootsac
It’s a simple thing, but I’m so glad Jessica Claire added it to her accessories for the Shootsac. I love my Shootsac and the shoulder pad just makes it even better.

I waited a little bit to make my decision about buying an iPad. After traveling back from a destination wedding in Sonoma Valley I saw that there were like 20+ people on my flight with iPads and thought: this would be great for so many things. But honestly it’s made a huge difference in my client meeting presentations and it’s really helped me to share more of my heart about my work and show it to my clients. It’s a wonderful tool and I’m sure I’m not even fully utilizing it’s potential yet, but it’s been a wonderful way to make a great client presentation.

pintopinterestLG DVD Burner
I actually bought this thinking my DVD burner died in my iMac. So after Apple replaced my burner I found that this external burner was so much quicker and more reliable. I’ve really enjoyed the speed and ability to burn two DVDs at once.

pintopinterestLightroom 3
As an Adobe Creative Suite owner I didn’t think I needed Lightroom because Bridge was the same thing… but after seeing it in action and looking into a bit further I decided to give it a shot. I’m so thankful I did!! This product has definitely one of the best purchases I made this year. It has allowed me to speed up my workflow, to create consistent images, to run actions and batches so quickly. I am so thankful to Adobe for creating a program that has helped speed up my workflow!

Animoto has been a great addition to the services I provide for my clients. I love that it allows me to present images in a quick and beautiful slideshow that helps improve my client’s viewing experience. It helps to narrow down the moments of their wedding day or the best of their engagement portraits in a short but beautiful way.

pintopinterestThe Original Backnobber
As a person who could use a massage every day, this little tool has helped me work out so many knots in my shoulders and back and I love it! It’s so easy to use and it really does help me break up knots in my shoulders and upper back.

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  • Lightroom = greatest tool for pro’s ever. It’s so fast for me to go through and develop my images quickly and painlessly.

    shootsack = coolest thing i’ve seen in a while. I had never heard of that before. Now I kinda want one.

    ipad = great for client presentations, great calendar, other than that, most of the time i wish i had my laptop.

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