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Sarah Beth & Chris: Hot Air Balloon Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas wedding photography by Dallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography pintopinterestMeet Sarah Beth & Chris! They are a sweet and adventurous couple who wanted to say their vows in a fun way. Sarah Beth and Chris knew they didn’t want the traditional wedding so Sarah Beth researched fun and unique ways to get married in Las Vegas. After sharing the list with Chris they decided to get married in a Hot Air Balloon in a flight over the desert in Las Vegas. Sarah Beth and I went to college together at OBU and I have photographed some portrait sessions and weddings for some of our friends, so she loved my photos and wanted me to photograph their engagement session. After visiting we planned a way for me to go to Vegas with them for their super-great-awesome wedding! I was so stoked! My friend and amazing photographer friend Andrea Crosswhite came with me so I could shoot the wedding in the air and she could get the take off and landing. She did an amazing job! I indicated which ones she photographed by inserting her name above the image she photographed. I definitely couldn’t be in two places at once for this wedding. While the balloon was inflating we photographed some portraits and Sarah Beth & Chris shared in an intimate time of prayer before their wedding. Their ceremony was short and sweet and just as teary-eyed as any other wedding. The Hot Air Balloon ride was for a total of 13 passengers, so they had a built in audience for their vows. I was about 2 feet from the couple for the ceremony, so the shots are pretty tight, but I think they’re sweet and intimate—just like their wedding. When we landed the couple had an impromptu reception with the passengers of the flight. Later that night we met up with the couple to photograph some sweet portraits on the Las Vegas Strip. I will be sharing those tomorrow. But for now, enjoy this exciting Hot Air Balloon wedding in Las Vegas.:)
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  • Althea

    What a unique way to get married in Vegas. All the shots are awesome.

  • Allison, you are soooooo talented!!!!!! These are beautiful and I love all the color in the shots!

  • I love this adorable wedding! you and Andrea did an amazing job! :)

  • Maggie

    These are amazing! I am so impressed by the way you were able to capture the beauty and joy of the moment with such limited space! Amazing!

  • Oh my goodness; I love it! This wedding is SO Sarah Beth! I adore the inflating-the-balloon pictures and the shots of the vows. I’m so glad to see that typical Sarah Beth grin – she’s SO excited :) Thrilled for the two of them!

  • Allison! Oh my goodness! What a fun opportunity! I’m sure you and Andrea had a blast in Las Vegas! The pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more about it! :)

  • […] Sarah Beth & Chris were married in Las Vegas in a Hot Air Balloon last weekend. I was just so eager to share their wedding photos because I loved them so much and their wedding was so fun and unique. Their ceremony was early in the morning, since we wanted to photograph them for their portraits on the Las Vegas Strip at night we took a break in the middle of the day and met up later that afternoon for their bride and groom portraits. We photographed them inside the casino at the Stratosphere Hotel, in front of the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, the Famous Bellagio fountains, the Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign and then just along the strip. Andrea and I could have photographed them for hours, but we tried to stay focused and narrowed down our locations to the ones above. We had such an amazing time! I loved the lights in Las Vegas—there were so many great opportunities for portraits in such a fun and lively place.  By Andrea By Andrea This last one was one Sarah Beth photographed for us!yay!! Posted in Day After Portraits, Wedding […]

  • Grace Johnson

    Awe!!!!! I cried tears of joy! What an unique way to get MARRIED!!!!! They are beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • I love this wedding to pieces! So fun. What a wonderful experience!

  • Fun, fun, fun idea for a wedding! I really like the horizontal close-up of the two of them in the hot air balloon. Very nicely done!

  • Mario Sanchez

    Sara Beth you look so beautiful!!!!! I saw the 7-11 sign in one of the pics…lol…shout out

    All the pics are super fantastic!!!! Congrats!!!

    May Chris & you have many wonderful years together!!!

  • […] so excited to share that Sarah Beth & Chris’ wedding was featured on the wedding blog Groom Sold Separately. Check out their love story here. […]

  • Amazing wedding pictures!

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