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Gray Photography Workshop Review

Allison Davis Photography Image from Gray Photography WorkshoppintopinterestThis week I attended a 3-day workshop in Nashville, Tennessee, put on by the amazing Zach & Jody of Gray Photography. I was intrigued by the premise of the workshop: Getting it right in camera. As photographers, it’s so easy to spend more time editing than shooting. I don’t want to live my life in front of my computer. Since I’m mostly self taught, I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn some great things like getting the perfect exposure and getting the white balance set in camera. The Gray’s did an amazing job talking through the information and then giving us an opportunity to shoot with the new information. We had a great opportunity practice everything with models for 3-4 hours. The second day was spent learning off camera lighting. Again, they talked about the technical side of things and then we were able to go outside and practice everything they taught us. The hands on experience on the lighting day was invaluable. We were able to program all of our own settings and create the lighting patterns we wanted for our models. It was such a wonderful day! Honestly, the knowledge I received has opened up the doors for me to shoot in any situation and to be more creative with my art. I’m seriously so excited about it! The third day was spent talking about the business side of photography—which I love! It was wonderful to hear from the Gray’s experience. I took home a long list of action items of things I’ll be implementing over the next days and months. So overall, it was a wonderful workshop and a great time to get away and focus on my business.

The other great benefit of the workshop was getting to know other photographers and spending time with them. I was overjoyed that Ginny Corbett was attending the workshop. She’s the kind of person that just makes you feel good when you’re talking with her. I love her laugh and her servant spirit. I’m bummed I won’t be able to attend the November For the Love Workshop, but if you want to learn more from the Gray’s and hang with Ginny, then that’s another opportunity for you. While I was there I met many others but Stacey Kyler and I hung out a ton because we were the super-far out of town girls. We spent 2 mornings doing photo shoots to implement what we learned the days before. The extra practice time was really fun.

Below are just a handful of other images I photographed from their workshop. All of these images have only one edit to them: I bumped up the contrast in Camera Raw – but other than that, this is what I shot out of camera. Seriously, some life changing stuff! I look forward to serving my clients better with my new skills!:)Allison Davis Photography Image from Gray Photography Workshop 2pintopinterestAllison Davis Photography Image from Gray Photography Workshop 3pintopinterestAllison Davis Photography Image from Gray Photography Workshop 4pintopinterestBelow are images from the first day where we practiced In-Camera perfection. These also only have added contrast and some light skin retouching.Dallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Gray photography workshop images 1pintopinterestDallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Gray photography workshop images 2pintopinterestDallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Gray photography workshop images 3pintopinterestDallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Gray photography workshop images 4pintopinterestDallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Gray photography workshop images 5pintopinterest

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  • These are amazing man!! Whoooaaaa…me likey:)

  • Those pics are AMAZING! It was soo wonderful spending a couple of days with you. I wish we lived closer together. Maybe you will be stationed in NC!

  • WOW!!! So awesome!! These are great, girl! LOVE that first shot of Lindsay in the grass! Killer!

  • Beautiful images!!!!
    It was so lovely meeting you!!!!
    Amazing work!!!

  • Laura

    So these are pretty much SOOC!!! That’s crazy! You are so talented!

  • awesome post Allison! I’m ready to learn it!

  • Hey Allison! AMAZING pics!!! It was such a blast getting to know you and exploring some of Nashville together. I sooooo appreciated the extra time to practice, not to mention hang with such a cool chic! 😉

  • Great images, Allison! Really diggin’ the off-camera flash stuff.

  • Althea

    Amazing shots. Now if only the clouds will cooperate

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