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Moment Monday: Martha & Josh

Dallas wedding photographer Allison Davis Photography Engagement PortraitpintopinterestI thought I would kick off “Moment Mondays” with one of my all-time favorite portrait images. Even though it’s from an engagement session, you can’t deny the emotion you feel viewing the image. I love the passion, the anticipation and the warmth that comes from being so close. I know that this is how I feel when my husband holds me and pulls me in for an embrace—I feel safe, secure and rested in his arms. I imagine that Martha feels the same way when Josh pulls her towards him. I’ve found that over time, the more I photograph couples, the more that my vision of love is what I’m able to see in them and their love for each other. Some couples are sweet and comfortable together, some are playful, others are passionate—all of these kinds of love I know with my husband and so it’s easy for me to recognize them in others. I loved photographing Martha & Josh because they were so honest with each other in front of my camera. And though I do try and help my couples relax and feel comfortable in front of me, what I’m aiming for is just an outward expression of their inward feelings. I hope to photograph all of my couples in an honest way and in a way that projects their love for their spouse. I approach my engagement sessions with the intention of bringing out the romance between the couple. I feel like almost every woman wants to be swept up in her husbands arms—that every woman wants to be romanced—that every woman wants to feel that rush of emotions that comes from the binding love and commitment of marriage. And that’s just a couple of thoughts on why I love this moment.

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