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Ashley: Bridal Portraits

I’m so excited to share these bridal portraits with you all! And I’m sure Ashley’s just dying to see them. Ashley has totally been one of my favorite clients because she is just so darn sweet. I really have enjoyed e-mailing with her and visiting with her over the phone throughout her engagement. I know she really does value her photographs and that she had a ton of fun during our times together. And I like it when people have fun with my sessions instead of feeling like they “have to” do their engagements or bridals. Ashley has been totally excited about the whole package. I cannot wait for her fabulous wedding in September at Prestonwood Baptist Church. She gave me permission to post these early because she wanted to share some of her photos with her friends and family (and she doesn’t even think Kyle knows my website, so I think we’re safe – hehehe). She wanted to do her session while her sister was still in town, so we bumped them up a month or so and we did this shoot on the first 100 degree day, but we didn’t die.:)Ashley was wanting a mix of fabulous architexture and wild fields, so we started at the Highland Park United Methodist Church and finished at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano.

This first one is my favorite from the day! I sent it to Ashley as a tease the night of our shoot. The second one is just an editing variation on the first one.ashley_bridaltease_1a1pintopinterestashley_bridaltease_3pintopinterestashley_17pintopinterestSTUNNING!ashley_2pintopinterestashley_8pintopinterestashley_3pintopinterestashley_4pintopinterestashley_5pintopinterestashley_11pintopinterestashley_12pintopinterestashley_6pintopinterestThis is my second favorite from the day because I just feel like Ashley is a timeless beauty. ashley_7pintopinterestashley_14pintopinterestashley_15pintopinterestashley_16pintopinterestashley_13pintopinterestashley_9pintopinterestashley_10pintopinterestThank you so much Ashley for such an amazing session! There are so many others I wanted to post, but maybe I’ll just post them on your wedding day. I feel like these depict your great beauty and I can’t wait till Kyle sees you on your wedding day. I think he’ll be smiling really, really big.:)

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  • Courtney

    ALLISONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING. Thank you so much for being able to push the pictures up early it means the world to me. I love them oh so much you are an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to book you for my wedding some day. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

  • Jenna

    WOW!!! These are stunning!!! She is so pretty. I love the chair. We will definitely have to use that for mine in November! :)

  • Jenn

    Yep, love the antique chair in the field – it’s always a winner! :) Gorgeous photos!!

  • Kathi

    OMG! Soooo great! Favorite: Field~Chair~Black/White! Second Favorite: Every other one! Not a bad picture in the bunch! So pretty and special!

  • These are gorgeous! I love the one where she’s spinning with the dress. Love the motion :) Also, the one you labeled as Stunning, I completely agree. She’s such a classic beauty (which I was thinking even before I saw your remark on her timeless nature) :) Beautiful work, as always.

  • these are just gorgeous!! great job… and she is beautiful!

  • Ashley

    Beautiful photos Allison!!

  • Goooorgeous, she is beautiful! I love that she’s wearing fun shoes under the dress :)

  • whoa lady….this is one of your best bridals yet! locations where PERFECT for this bride!

  • wowie! i love the ones with the sunflare! sooo good!

  • breathtaking set…. love love love them!

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