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Katrine + Eric: Engagement Portraits

Meet Katrine and Eric! They’re getting married next year on May 22. Katrine totally booked me for her wedding without even meeting me, which is exciting for a photographer because that means that they really liked my work enough to just hire me based solely upon that — so that’s a super-sweet compliment.:)

These two meet at a party with mutual friends and totally just hit it off. And you know, sometimes when I meet couples it’s like so easy to see how they bring out the best in each other and how they just “go” together. These two totally just “go” together—they’re fun, super-cute and totally in love with each other. Eric proposed over Valentine’s day on a trip they took to San Antonio and they told me how they were out shopping and they just stopped into a jewelery store. They found the ring for Katrine and he could barely wait to propose, so he actually proposed that night! He just couldn’t wait and I love that excitement!

Enjoy the photos from this fabulous session.

ke_blog19pintopinterestke_blog18pintopinterestke_blog13pintopinterestke_blog21pintopinterestke_blog1pintopinterestTorn beween the next two, but they were totally cracking up about the “dip kiss” photo and had said they tried practicing but weren’t sure if they had it down right… and I think they totally nailed it! LOVE the LIGHT!!ke_blog23pintopinterestke_blog6pintopinterestke_blog5pintopinterestke_blog16pintopinterestke_blog8pintopinterestThis was my favorite from the day! Could you imagine how awesome that would be as a canvas in your home! So lovely!ke_blog22pintopinterestke_blog15pintopinterestke_blog3pintopinterestA second favorite! I love Katrine’s look and that awesome BW!ke_blog24pintopinterestke_blog7pintopinterestke_blog4pintopinterestke_blog20pintopinterestke_blog10pintopinterestke_blog11pintopinterestke_blog2pintopinterestThanks guys for an awesome session! I’m excited about your bridal session Katrine but more excited for your fabulous wedding day!

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  • kim

    these look so good! there are so many good ones to choose from, good luck with that. yall look so happy

  • Jen

    YaY for engagement pics! You guys both look super cute! Trini… my fav is the 3rd one form the top, also I like the ones where you are in the pink, you look cute in those. Overall, I love all of them and you guys! Can’t wait till you get married! These all turned out so good!

  • WOW Allison!! I am so shocked by how awesome these look!! Like Eric said, our pictures together never turn out that great but these are so awesome! We were so nervous at first, (hehe eric’s sweaty palms and shaky legs) but you made us feel so comfortable. Thank you soo much for the great session, you are so talented and amazing!

  • oh my, my….what a super-flare! work it out! I love the dip-kiss with the laugh. you are killin’ it!

  • Karen

    Totally random, but I love your green shoes Katrine!

  • You found the purple door! I usually wander around Deep Ellum with my clients saying “I know there is a purple door somewhere around here….” I look dumb, but in the end it doesn’t usually matter because the purple door pictures always end up being some of my favorites. Love the shots under the overpass (I assume it’s an overpass) in B&W. I shot a client with those exact same shoes in March and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get them for myself ever since. :)

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