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Justin + Anne: Engagement Portraits

You met Justin and Anne earlier in a sneak peek, but here’s their full and fabulous engagement session post.

Justin is my step-brother and my mom and his dad have been married for going on 17 years, so we’ve known each other for a long time, definitely long enough to have embarrassing stories about each other and long enough to both be stunned when they announced their engagement (mainly thinking, “wow… we’re totally adults now…”).

I know my family was totally shocked when I brought Aaron home for Christmas when I was only 20 and we decided to get married when I was 21 and just graduated from college. I remember we met Anne at a family birthday party and we all thought, wow, Justin’s bringing a girl… and that totally peeked our interest. She’s super cute, super friendly and seems to bring out the best in Justin. She totally gets along with everyone which can be tricky in my family… there are so many of us and we all seem to have pretty strong personalities. Anyways, it was great to do their engagement session. They’re getting married Nov. 1 in the Virgin Islands. Sadly, I won’t be able to go for the wedding. But we did get to take these super fun engagement portraits. They let me take them wherever I wanted to go, which is great freedom for a photographer. So I hope you enjoy their photos!aj_blog6pintopinterestaj_blog2pintopinterestI think Justin looks like Robert Redford from “The Natural” in this photo.aj_blog4pintopinterest



aj_blog9pintopinterestaj_blog10pintopinterestaj_blog11pintopinterestaj_blog12pintopinterestI love this one because Anne’s hair is so similar in shape and form to the trees around her.aj_blog13pintopinterestHappy wildflower field! We did get asked to leave this spot, so sadly I can’t take anyone else there… but I totally loved it!!! So many colorful flowers.:)aj_blog14pintopinterestaj_blog15pintopinterestThis is probably a more accurate depiction of their relationship and probably one of my favorites of the day!aj_blog20pintopinterestaj_blog18pintopinterestaj_blog19pintopinterestaj_blog25pintopinterestaj_blog22pintopinterestaj_blog23pintopinterestaj_blog24pintopinterestThis is one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken of someone. Anne just looks so beautiful! And that light was unreal!

aj_blog26pintopinterestaj_blog28pintopinterestaj_blog30pintopinterestaj_blog31pintopinterestaj_blog33pintopinterestaj_blog34pintopinterestAnd as most of my clients know, I totally love downtown Prosper. Even though it’s the same location, it’s always something a little different with the different couples or individuals. I love these of Justin and Anne.aj_blog35pintopinterestaj_blog36pintopinterestaj_blog38pintopinterestaj_blog40pintopinterestaj_blog41pintopinterestaj_blog43pintopinterestThanks for trusting me to do your engagement portraits and choosing all of your locations. I had a great time hanging out.
I’m so excited for you and so excited for your marriage!

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  • Anne

    YEAHHHHH! Thank you so much, Allison- they are so awesome! Better than I ever could have hoped for! We had a blast shooting with you…see ya soon!

  • beautiful!…way to find the light!!! I love the flare and the great natural hair-lights!!!

  • Gina Westerfield

    Great pictures – send me your blogs!

  • […] Justin, my step-brother, and Anne, my new, step-sister-in-law, were married on July 18 at an intimate ceremony at a family home. Since it was a family wedding it was definitely a little more relaxed, but at the same time I knew I totally had to work hard because I wanted them to be totally excited about their wedding pictures. […]

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