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Laura & Russell: Engagement Portraits

Laura and Russell are a super cute couple! After spending the afternoon with them, it was easy to see that they genuinely care for each other and love just being around each other. Laura’s super laughy and smiley and Russell seems to be real chill and easy going. They met about 4 years ago and will be tying the knot this October. They love playing games together like old school Nintendo and watching movies. Laura’s a graphic designer and she’s planning on making lots of fabulous personalized items for her wedding – I totally can’t wait to see them!

I went a little BW heavy on this post mainly because I just loved it with the downtown feel. One of my favorite shows is “Mad About You” and I love the BW photos that play through the opening credits and so I kind of got that type of “feel” on this engagement session.

Give some blog love and give Laura and Russell a shout out about your faves! lj_blog_1pintopinterestlj_blog_2pintopinterestlj_blog_3pintopinterestlj_blog_4pintopinterestlj_blog_5pintopinterestlj_blog_7pintopinterestlj_blog_8pintopinterestlj_blog_9pintopinterestlj_blog_10pintopinterestlj_blog_11pintopinterestlj_blog_12pintopinterestlj_blog_13pintopinterestlj_blog_14pintopinterestlj_blog_26pintopinterestlj_blog_16pintopinterestlj_blog_17pintopinterestlj_blog_18pintopinterestlj_blog_19pintopinterestlj_blog_20pintopinterestlj_blog_21pintopinterestlj_blog_22pintopinterestlj_blog_27pintopinterestlj_blog_24pintopinterestlj_blog_25pintopinterest

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  • Laura


    You’ve really outdone yourself! These are adorable! I love how I look like I’m up to something in some of the “serious” ones. haha. You really made the shoot fun, and you were above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on these. They look great.


  • Jenna

    Laura & Russell…your pictures are awesome, y’all are so cute together!! I love the downtown setting. Allison your work is amazing and I can’t wait until we take our engagement pictures!!

  • Laura

    Aww! You are so sweet! Thanks, Jenna! I know yours will be gorgeous too, as long as they’re with Allison – AKA the photoninja. 😀

    Allison – Here are a couple comments I got over email.

    These are fabulous! Your photographer did such a good, good job. You guys should be pleased. I like her contemporary, youthful bent. Especially the black and white are cool. Wish they would of done more of that when I got married.


    Those are great!


    Those are fabulous!!! She is good. I love the black & white and the hip look she has in her photography.

    Okay… your engagement pictures are SOOO cute!!!!!!! I love them!

  • […] Laura and Russell were married Oct. 10, 2009 at the Plano Centre. It was a bit overcast and it was suppose to rain, and thankfully it only drizzled as the couple made their exit to their honeymoon in Japan (I know—so cool!). It was a wonderful celebration with close friends and family. A couple of days before the wedding, I read Laura’s facebook status and it said something like: “who has 94% of their guests RSVP?!?” It was pretty funny because she never expected so many guests to attend. At our wedding, Aaron and I had about 98% of our invited guests attend and the couple that didn’t included my uncle who doesn’t fly and lives in Cincinnati and one of our friends who said it totally slipped his mind until a couple of days after the wedding and he realized he missed it. So funny! […]

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